Bicenter is:

Since 1985 we continue to pursue the main values ​​of our business. We help entrepreneurs and start-ups to focus on their business rather than their daily tasks. These are the guidelines that allow us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors .


We love what we do and for this reason we always look for excellence.


We are entrepreneurs, we try new things, we are not afraid to challenge conventions and we always want to be connected with the future


We are true, faithful to our values ​​and our vision. We are not perfect and we do not pretend to be perfect but we are honest and transparent.


We never stop. We do things and try to do them the best. For us, every problem becomes an opportunity to improve and grow.


We are inspired by beauty, a winning project is the perfect balance of many factors and it’s the details that make the difference.


Creating new businesses, new businesses, is a team effort. Proud to be in a creative and innovative community where ideas take shape.