Domiciliation services

Domiciliation on padua

All-inclusive fees starting from €599 per year

Choose a prestigious location and create the right image for your company

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Domiciliation is the ideal solution for those who want to reduce rental costs without giving up having a prestigious and professional office.

BICENTER, as a result of its position, professional staff and image, is the ideal location to domicile your business in Padua.

1) Are you looking for a prestigious address for your business or for your company to be used for representation purposes without notifying the Chamber of Commerce or your professional association? Postal domiciliation satisfies this need.
Postal domiciliation
2) Do you need to set up a corporation, partnership or cooperative, or do you need to change the registered office of an existing company? Legal domiciliation allows you to take advantage of a prestigious office and a legal address for your business.
Legal domiciliation
3) Are you a registered professional or about to enroll in a professional association or registry? Professional domiciliation allows you to have a postal domicile contract combined with the temporary or daily rental of offices and use the professional domicile for the purpose of registration in the association or register of your interest.
Professional domiciliation
4) Do you have an established company and the need to open new offices outside your main office? A local unit is a type of postal domiciliation which, combined with a temporary office rental, enables you to register the address with the Chamber of Commerce.
Local unit