Advanced tecnological services

An expert technician at your service

Working at Bicenter means having the premium services you expect from an up-to-date and technologically advanced business environment. A single point of contact always ready to provide assistance and problem solving solutions.

writed by: Web Team Bicenter


Bicenter is the only infrastructure in Padua that integrates its office services, coworking, and temporary showrooms with high-tech services.

Are you a multinational company needing to set up an office in northern Italy?

Are you worried about the time and bureaucracy needed to activate new utilities (electricity, water and gas) and telecommunications services (telephone lines, internet, telephone switchboards)?

Are you a Start-up needing to set up everything you need to start off in the best way without weighing yourself down with significant upfront costs?

Bicenter puts you in a position to start off in your new office in 24 hours

In such a short time you can provide yourself with the following:

  • Already active utilities (electricity, water, gas, cleaning);
  • New telephone line, toll-free numbers, virtual telephone switchboard;
  • Fiber optic connectivity with advanced services (capacity up to 10 Gigabit, 100% guaranteed minimum bandwidth, static IP addresses, VPN, MPLS, backup on Hiperlan or LTE);
  • Internet domain, Gigamail + antivirus + antispam + support for Microsoft Exchange;
  • Guest Wi-Fi (free Wi-Fi separate from the company network);
  • Remote data backup, Cloud services, Housing of your servers with direct access/Layer 2) at the data center;
  • Consulting and system assistance at the highest level to support you in setting up a new office;
  • 24-hour IT support, technical intervention in 4 working hours;
  • 24-hour monitoring service of the network and of sensitive equipment with a failure warning via email alarm

For further information contact our SERVICED OFFICES office at +39 049 8072454. We will be happy to provide a detailed estimate of the services best suited for your company.