Professional domiciliation

Ideal for the modern professional

Are you a registered professional or about to enroll in a professional association or registry? Professional domiciliation allows you to have a postal domicile contract combined with the temporary or daily rental of offices and use the professional domicile for the purpose of registration in the association or register of your interest.

writed by: Web Team Bicenter


To register and maintain your registration in one of the professional registers, lists or associations, professional domiciliation is considered equivalent to residence. The professional domicile is identified as the location in which the professional has established the principal place of his/her business and his/her interests with the consequence that the domicile is characterized by the intention to establish the principal center of professional relationships in a specific place.

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  • Give your clients the right image by welcoming them into our spaces.
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Included services
  • Domiciliation for the purpose of registration in a relevant association or register
  • Mail pickup and delivery
  • Package pick up
  • Company name and trademark displayed on LCD screen
  • Mailbox
  • Day Office and Meeting Room rentals
Services on request
  • Meeting Rooms and Day Office rentals at a special discounted rate
  • Coffee break and Catering services