Your secondary branch to consolidate your territory.


The local unit allows you to have another venue for your business and to participate, if necessary, in invitations to tender.

  • Save on the investment of buying or renting a local, furnishing it and making all the necessary connections.
  • Purchase a Day-Office subscription to have a physical space to execute your own business with your co-workers or employees.
  • Quickly and with low costs, you can open your own local unit and communicate the address to the Chamber of Commerce.

What is the local unit?  Under Article. 1, paragraph 1, lett. e) of D.M. n. 359/2001, the local unit is defined as the operating system or management, located in a place other than the set area in which the company permanently undertakes one or more economic activities, with autonomy and all the necessary tools to conduct production, or one of its intermediate stages, which are attributable to income and expenses related to the production or distribution of goods or the provision of services.  For example, laboratories, workshops, factories, warehouses, stores, professional studios, offices, branches, agencies, training centers, mines, hotels, bars, restaurants.


Domiciliation for the purpose of communication with the Chamber of Commerce

Mail Pick-Up and Delivery

Package Pick-Up

Company name and logo visibility on LCD screen

Personal Mail Box

15% discount on Day Office and Meeting Room rentals


Rental of Day Offices, Meeting Rooms or furnished offices

Coffee break and Catering